donderdag 4 februari 2010

tightstowear + moviestowatch

Hey sweeties!
Sorry it took so long, but I haven't seen a lot of inspirational things lately...
But some tights can just make my day!
Those white ones with the hearts on it....sigh... I remember seeing them once in a dutch magazine but never found them back again... Untill niotillfem posted her favorite pictures from flickr this week! Thanks!
Though I do not know where to find them now either. Anybody?
This girl is even wearing the same sort of loafers I wanted! (see my first post)

I saw the black-and-white tights once on a Chanel runway and didn't expect to find them in a cheaper form but here they are! Directly from ModCloth!
I even heard they create this optical illusion, so your legs actually look slimmer.
These would also look great on my snowshoes. That would just be KICKASS!
Woops, forgot how to sound like a lady...

Then I wanted to tell you about two films that are both absolutely amazing! (or : are going to be amazing!)

The first one is called 'Bo : Het Engelenhuis' by the book of Dirk Bracke.
I'm afraid it's only going to be fun for my dutch-speaking readers. But even if your not, the trailer tells you a lot! I even understood it without getting any sound out of my computer!
It's about a 15year-old girl from Antwerp, Belgium who want to explore more in life than just... wel, her life.
She tumbles into prostitution and gets herself into trouble -duh- and eventually ends up in this kind of rehab, telling you her story...

The second movie is called 'Left Luggage'. The characters in the movie do speak English but the story is also situated in Antwerp, Belgium. Why am I using but? That's a good thing!
Chaya, a young woman, starts working for a jewish family in the famous jewish neigbourhood in Antwerp. But it isn't as easy as it sounds. Hard to explain, just watch it!


zondag 24 januari 2010

I see right through you...

... Sonja Rykiel and Topshop!
I've seen a lot of clothes where there were other pieces of clothing printed on, but then I found this coat and I couldn't help falling completely in love with them.

But ofcourse, it just happened to be a Sonja Rykiel. Obviously, not my budget. ;)
Later today, I was looking at the new Topshop collection and guess what I found! :D

Mommmyyyyyyy, puh-leazeeee!


I want the blonde Kristen Stewart back!

Hi readers of mine!
First of all, I am so happy with my first comment!
Go cait harri!

Now, back to my originally planned post. I'm so sorry it took so long, my mom basically punished me...blahblahblah...
I still haven't got to talk about my subject!
I want Kristen Stewart to be blonde again. I really, really like the way she's been breaking through the Hollywood-clich├ęs, fighting against it and still trying to make New Moon look less bad than it eventually still did.
Now, I get her whole "eff it, I am who I am and if I want short black rockstar hair, nobody will convince me not to!". Though, she does look pretty amazing with her longer blonde hair, doesn't she?

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Malice in Wonderland

Hello fashionista-babies of mine!
Today I am presenting to you a juwelry collection of the belgian tv presenter Evy Gruyaert. Although I do not like her as a person (she seems a bit bitchy), I absolutely love this! The idea behind it is a dark fairytail for adults. Hope you like the pictures!

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

I want a suit (for the first time of my life!)

Dearly beloved readers,
today, I'm showing you a few suits that made me want to actually wear them! That's new!
About my pink shoes : bummer. Someone from the US bid higher than me when i was still sleeping... Why do I live in Belgium?!
This is from organic. Seriously, how cute is it?
Victorrrrrr and Rolf.

Sorry if my lay-out looks bad, I still have to get used to it.

vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Louise Brooks

Lovely readers of mine,
I'd like to present to you : Louise Brooks. My fashion icon and icon in many other ways. Maybe you know her from 'Pandora's Box'?
The point is, she's great. You can google it, she's even been with Charlie Chaplin.
And if you're wondering how I look, I kind of have her haircut but then in blonde. (:

donderdag 14 januari 2010

If you're already reading this : you're fantastic! Because this is just my very first blog, so I'm having a bit of a memorable moment here. I'll introduce myself quikly:
My name's Louise and I live in Aalst, Belgium. I'm so unconditionally obsessed with english and fashion blogs that I decided to create one my own.
I also love tea and looking to arty farty movies all day long. I'm sorry if there are a lot of faults in my texts, but I'm still young and learning every day.

So, first of all, I want to share with you the shoes I neeeeeed to have.
I found these pink loafers on ebay yesterday and bidding stops within 11 hours so I will have to act quikly though...

God, I already love you if you're reading this!

Love, Louise.