donderdag 14 januari 2010

If you're already reading this : you're fantastic! Because this is just my very first blog, so I'm having a bit of a memorable moment here. I'll introduce myself quikly:
My name's Louise and I live in Aalst, Belgium. I'm so unconditionally obsessed with english and fashion blogs that I decided to create one my own.
I also love tea and looking to arty farty movies all day long. I'm sorry if there are a lot of faults in my texts, but I'm still young and learning every day.

So, first of all, I want to share with you the shoes I neeeeeed to have.
I found these pink loafers on ebay yesterday and bidding stops within 11 hours so I will have to act quikly though...

God, I already love you if you're reading this!

Love, Louise.

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  1. Hey Louise,

    Great shoes! Good luck with your blog, I'll be reading.



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